In 2013, InterIm CDA launched an asset building services program by establishing a community learning lab called the Teatime Learning Café in two of our housing development projects, Nihonmachi Terrace and Samaki Commons. Through this new pilot program, our residents and other low-income individuals have access to information and referrals to help increase their financial literacy. The long-term goal is to help these individuals and their families establish greater financial stability in their lives. In addition, participants learn within a peer learning environment, helping to create a network of like-minded individuals who will also be more invested in strengthening the neighborhoods they live in.

Asset Building Program Facts

The asset building services program was started through seed funding from the Paul G. Allen Family Foundation and an Annie E. Casey Foundation Innovation Grant.  InterIm CDA hopes to continue to grow and expand this pilot program to help more residents and clients increase their earning potential and net worth. We know that helping them build up their individual household assets over time and across generations can have a tremendously beneficial effect.