AAPI Leaders Meet with Governor Jay Inslee's Chief of Staff, Joby Shimomura
AAPI Leaders Meet with Governor Jay Inslee’s Chief of Staff, Joby Shimomura

Issues We’re Working On

Advocacy comes in many forms and is needed at all levels of government to ensure that a community’s voice is heard. For new immigrants, communities of color, and low-income families, this voice is too easily marginalized or dismissed. At InterIm CDA, we believe advocacy goes beyond merely lobbying; it is a process by which we educate elected and other officials about our community and inform community members and neighbors about the power they have to shape public policy decisions that affect them.

We work on issues at local, state, and federal levels to bring affordable housing and community development resources to the communities and neighborhoods most in need.



The National Coalition for Asian Pacific American Community Development (CAPACD) is the first national advocacy organization dedicated to addressing the housing, community, and economic development needs of Asian and Pacific Islander communities.

InterIm CDA is working with National CAPACD on policy issues that will increase access to affordable housing for low-income families, shed light on economic injustices among segments of the Asian and Pacific Islander community, and increase tools to preserve and revitalize historically Asian enclaves and business districts across the country.

Visit the National CAPACD website