Working with Legislators

State Representative Sharon Tomiko Santos
State Representative Sharon Tomiko Santos

Elected Officials Representing Chinatown/ID

Elected officials represent the Chinatown/International District at varying levels of government, from the halls of the United States Congress to our local City Council chambers. In a healthy democracy, it’s important that our elected officials hear from the residents, businesses, and community-based organizations that make a neighborhood vibrant and strong. InterIm CDA is only one voice in that dialogue, but in our role as a community development agency, we believe we have an important role to play in facilitating communication with other neighborhood groups and interests and our elected officials and staff.

The following is a list of the elected officials who represent the Chinatown/International District. If there’s an issue affecting the Chinatown?International District neighborhood or broader API community you think InterIm CDA ought to get involved with, please call us at 206.624.1802 or email us at


U.S. Senator Patty Murray

Phone: 202.224.2621

Seattle Office: 206.553.5545

Toll Free: 866.481.9186

Visit the Senator’s website


U.S. Senator Maria Cantwell

Phone: 202.224.3441

Seattle Office: 206.220.6400

Toll Free: 866.481.9186

Visit the Senator’s website


U.S Congressman Adam Smith

Toll free: 1 (888) SMITH09

Phone: 425.793.5180

Visit the U.S Congressman’s website


Governor Jay Inslee

Phone: 360.902.4111

Visit the Governor’s website

State Senator Adam Kline

Phone: 360.786.7688

Toll free: 800.562.6000

Visit the Senator’s website

State Representative Eric Pettigrew

Phone: 360.786.7944

Toll free: 800.562.6000

Visit the Representative’s website

State Representative Sharon Tomiko Santos

Phone: 360.786.7944

Seattle Office: 206.587.5549

Visit the State Representative’s website

Visit the Washington State Legislature website

 King County

King County Executive Dow Constantine

Phone: 206-296-4040

visit the King County Executive’s website

King County Council Member
Joe McDermott

Phone: 206.477.1008

Toll Free: 1.800.325.6165

Visit the King County Council Member’s website

See all other King County Council Members

City of Seattle

Mayor Jenny A. Durkan

Phone: 206.684.4000

Visit the Mayor’s website

City Council

Lisa Herbold- District 1
Bruce Harell- District 2

Kshama Sawant- District 3

Rob Johnson- District 4

Debora Juarez- District 5

Mike O’Brien– District 6
Sally Bagshaw-District 7

Teresa Mosqueda- Position 8

Lorena Gonzalez- Position 9


Visit the City Councils’ websites