Building Exterior

1.  Man from White River

2.  Gordon Hirabayashi, American Patriot

3.  Illuminating History

4.  Ai

5.  In Gordon's Words

Building Interior

6.  Interior Historic Exhibit

7.  Stand Up for Justice

Stand Up For Justice

Stand Up For Justice Concept

Community members will be invited to fold origami cranes and bowties that will be assembled into a mobile to hang in the building’s lobby.   They will be asked to inscribe their origami piece with a promise or a wish for furthering social justice. With the cranes symbolizing hope and the bowties symbolizing Gordon Hirabayashi, this piece will remind residents and visitors to remain steadfast in their hopes and struggles for a more just future.

Artist Bio

Randy Jones studied graphic design at the University of Washington, but has been an artist all of his life. For many years, he lived and worked in the Greenwood neighborhood of Seattle, discussing art, life, and current events at the Pig and Whistle near his home. Randy moved to Tacoma. Located a few miles south of Seattle, Tacoma is a proud city supporting a vibrant, robust art community. After constructing a studio of his own design on Tacoma’s “upper east side”, Randy now focuses on creating art for a larger audience. An accomplished back-country adventurer, Randy travels extensively and may never be happier than when he is exploring the remote under his own power.

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