Building Exterior

1.  Man from White River

2.  Gordon Hirabayashi, American Patriot

3.  Illuminating History

4.  Ai

5.  In Gordon's Words

Building Interior

6.  Interior Historic Exhibit

7.  Stand Up for Justice

Illuminating History

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To contextualize Gordon Hirabayashi’s story and to humanize the Japanese American experience, events in Japanese American community history will be highlighted on each of seven columns along the building’s street fronts. A sconce on each column will shine light through a historic photo or image that represents the historic event described on a plaque below.

Illuminating History Website Image

7 Glass Panels with Photos and Artwork by Amy Nikataitani and Aki Sogabe

  1. Early Immigration: A Community Takes Root
  2. Facing Discrimination: Alien Land Laws
  3. Nihonmachi: A Thriving Pre-War Community
  4. World War II: The Incarceration and its Legacy
  5. Returning, Rebuilding: But Unfinished Business
  6. A New Generation: Coming of Age
  7. Coram Nobis Cases: Hirabayashi, Korematsu and Yasui

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