Building Exterior

1.  Man from White River

2.  Gordon Hirabayashi, American Patriot

3.  Illuminating History

4.  Ai

5.  In Gordon's Words

Building Interior

6.  Interior Historic Exhibit

7.  Stand Up for Justice


Ai Website

Large stenciled panels inspired by traditional Japanese indigo fabric patterns will adorn the street facades of the building as a readily recognizable expression of Japanese and Japanese American culture.

Artist Statement by Jonathan Wakuda Fischer

Combining studies of traditional Japanese art with modern process and content, my work seeks to address a post-globalized world as well as my own personal biracial history. Using the aesthetic of ukiyo-e woodblock prints, I combine anachronisms and layers of homage to explore cultural dualities. In doing so, I feel like I am part of a centuries-old artistic discourse that has long addressed lineage, obsolescence and appropriation.

Artist Bio

jonathan wakuda fischer

Wakuda (Wha-Koo-Dah) is my Japanese family name; I use a hybrid of my family kamon as both an iconic branding image and a way to honor my past. Exploring the nature of Ukiyo-e and the interplay between Japan and America has given me the opportunity to better understand both cultures and create something for the future.

Growing up Asian in the homogenous Midwestern United States meant that I was keenly aware of my cultural and aesthetic differences from an early age. Regular visits to my mother’s native Kyoto helped me keep in touch with my Japanese roots and planted the seed of the art I create today.

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